Academic Calendar

General Management (GMGT)

GMGT 1000  Writing Skills for Business  1.5 cr  

This course is designed to develop students’ understanding of fundamentals of writing, business writing in particular. Students will gain competence in sentence structure and sentence-level issues. This course will also help them achieve proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and technical style.

GMGT 1010  Business and Society  3 cr  

The course will provide overarching frameworks to examine the nature, role, and importance of business in society. Key internal operations of business organizations will be discussed (e.g. finance, marketing, operations), but the majority of the course examines the relationships that business firms must balance among key stakeholders in their external environment (i.e. government, owners, customers, communities, suppliers, future generations, etc.). Students will examine various institutional contexts (e.g. economic, political-legal, and socio-cultural) and critically think about relationships between business and society, mindfully considering alternative approaches to management. Special emphasis will be placed on contemporary social issues in business (e.g. sustainable development, corporate social responsibility).

Attributes: Recommended Intro Courses, Written English Requirement

GMGT 2010  Business Communications  3 cr  

The course provides an introduction to theoretical, cultural, and ethical bases of effective communication in addition to develop students’ interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills at individual, group, and organizational levels. The students will also develop analytical, problem-solving, rhetorical, and critical thinking abilities required in organizational and business settings. May not be held with GMGT 2011.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: GMGT 1000 or permission from the Asper Undergraduate Program Office.

Equiv To: GMGT 2000, GMGT 2011

Attributes: Written English Requirement

GMGT 2036  Introduction to Business 2  3 cr  

Inter-University Services course.

Equiv To: GMGT 2080

GMGT 2060  Management and Organizational Theory  3 cr  

Examination of the underlying principles concerning the formation of organizations and their internal management. Emphasis on the study and analysis of various theoretical approaches to organization theory and management. Students may not hold for credit with either GMGT 2080 or GMGT 2030.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: GMGT 1010 (D).

Equiv To: GMGT 2061, GMGT 2080, GMGT 2081

Mutually Exclusive: GMGT 2030

Attributes: Recommended Intro Courses

GMGT 2070  Introduction to Organizational Behaviour  3 cr  

(Lab required) Examination of the impact of human behaviour on the formal and informal organization. Topics include leadership, work groups, organizational conflict, ethics, and communications. This course will cover topics in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. May not be held with GMGT 2071.

Equiv To: GMGT 2071

Attributes: Recommended Intro Courses

GMGT 2120  Business/Government Relations  3 cr  

Analysis of the interaction between business firms and government in the creation, modification, and implementation of government policies that affect business. Study of the ways business can influence government decision-making.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: [ECON 1010 (D) and ECON 1020 (D)] or ECON 1200 (D).

Equiv To: GMGT 2121

GMGT 2144  Unallocated Credit  3 cr  

Campus Manitoba course.

GMGT 3010  Management Decision-Making  3 cr  

Introduces students to the decision-making process and factors that enter into making decisions, including the objectives and approaches to decision-making, the basic type of managerial decisions, and exemplifications of decision in operations. Decision-making will be viewed as a multi-dimensional process involving values, ethics, psychology, sociology, social psychology, and politics. The course presents a variety of perspectives useful for making and evaluating decisions in all kinds of organizations.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: GMGT 2070 (D).

GMGT 3300  Business Law  3 cr  

General history of law, the organization of courts, the Canadian Constitution, federal and provincial legislative functions. Legal concepts and problems relating to business organization, contracts, principal and agent, negotiable instruments, common torts, and bankruptcy proceedings. Recommending course to be taken in 4th year.

Equiv To: GMGT 3301

GMGT 4010  Strategic Management  3 cr  

In this capstone course, students will examine evolving strategies, capabilities, and environments of business enterprises using case studies to focus attention on problems involved in formulating and implementing strategies with interdisciplinary considerations, including ethical and social issues in strategy. May not be held with GMGT 4011. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take SGMT 3060 before taking this course.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisites: A minimum grade of D in each of: [ACC 1110 or ACC 1111] and [GMGT 2010 or GMGT 2011] and [GMGT 2070 or GMGT 2071] and [ENTR 2030] and [SGMT 2200 or the former INTB 2200 or INTB 2201] and [MKT 2210 or MKT 2211] and [HRIR 2440 or HRIR 2441] and [FIN 2010 or FIN 2200 or FIN 2201] and IDM 2020; and [SCM 2160 or SCM 2161] and IDM 3010 and a minimum of 70 credit hours of university level courses.

Equiv To: GMGT 4011

GMGT 4210  Seminar in Management and Capitalism  3 cr  

This course provides students with an understanding of the institutions, developments, and debates associated with modern capitalism and their implications for management. Students will explore alternative management perspectives and bi-directional interactions within the context of larger issues. It is designed to ensure that students are introduced to a variety of different perspectives, and that no single perspective is unduly privileged over others.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: GMGT 1010 (D) or GMGT 2120 (D).