Academic Calendar

Judaic Civilization (JUD)

JUD 2340  Contemporary Israel  3 cr  

A study of the history and development of modern Israel. Topics discussed include the economic, social, cultural and religious structures of the contemporary Jewish state. Attention will also be focused on the status of Israeli minorities such as Moslems and Christians.

Attributes: Humanities

JUD 2370  Jewish-Gentile Relations  3 cr  

A socio-historical study of the cultural, religious, and intellectual interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish cultures, e.g., the relationship of Judaism with other cultures of the ancient Near East and Hellenism, with medieval and modern Christendom and Islam, and with modern/contemporary secularism.

Attributes: Humanities

JUD 2650  Field Studies in Biblical Lands  6 cr  

Offered as a Travel/Study course, the course consists of an on-campus orientation session followed by a period of travel while visiting and studying at some major sites and points of interest.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: written consent of instructor.

Attributes: Humanities

JUD 3010  Topics in Jewish Studies  3 cr  

An opportunity for the study of selected topics or themes in Jewish Studies. Consult the Judaic Studies program office or website for details. The course content may vary. Students can earn multiple credits for this course only when the topic subtitle is different.

Attributes: Humanities