Academic Calendar

Preventive Dental Science (PDSD)

PDSD 2410  Pediatric Dentistry- 1  3 cr  

A series of lectures and laboratories to introduce the student to: the fundamental principles of dental growth and development of children, introduction to operative dentistry and preventative techniques commonly used in dentistry for children. May not be held with PDSD 2070.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 2070

PDSD 2420  Dental Public Health  1 cr  

This course introduces students to healthcare concepts from a systems-level viewpoint. Topics include the methods used in Dental Public Health, history and structure of Canadian Medicare, a parallel view of Canadian dental care, social determinants of health, health promotion, measurement methods for dental health and disease, epidemiology of dental disease in Canada, and access to dental care. May not be held with the former PDSD 2130.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 2130

PDSD 2430  Introduction to Orthodontics  1 cr  

This course provides students with an introduction to growth and development, orthodontic records, diagnosis of malocclusion, modalities of treatment using removable appliances, basic biomechanics and simple wire bending. May not be held with the former PDSD 1020 or the former PDSD 1400 or the former PDSD 2020 or the former PDSD 2400.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 1020, PDSD 1400, PDSD 2020, PDSD 2400

PDSD 3402  Orthodontics 3  2 cr  

A series of seminars covering the analysis, diagnosis, treatment planning, and mechanotherapy using records of selected cases. The clinical component consists of the diagnosis and treatment planning for individuals seeking orthodontic treatment. The clinical experience includes exposure to removable and fixed mechanotherapy, screening of patients seeking orthodontic care and follow-up of retention of completed cases. May not be held with PDSD 3040.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 3040

PDSD 3404  Dental Public Health 2  3 cr  

This courses uses on-line self-study, classroom discussion, a formal debate, and clinical externships to introduce students to historical and contemporary public health topics. Topics covered include the history of fluoride use to prevent dental caries, the theory and methods for oral disease prevention in populations, the principles and methods for evidence-based practice, and geriatric and sports dentistry. May not be held with the former PDSD 3140 or the former PDSD 3422.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 3140, PDSD 3422

PDSD 3412  Pediatric Dentistry 2  3 cr  

A series of seminars and clinics to give the student a basic understanding and some clinical experience with: clinical procedures, emergency treatment, psychological management, preventative medical considerations and the provision of total dental care to pediatric patients. May not be held with PDSD 3050.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 3050

PDSD 4402  Orthodontics 4  2 cr  

(Formerly PDSD 4060) This course consists of seminars on special topics related to the provision of orthodontic therapy. In addition, the clinical component including the diagnosis and treatment planning for individuals seeking orthodontic treatment as well as the continuation of treatment commenced in PDSD 3040. Clinical seminars cover the analysis, diagnosis, treatment planning, mechanotherapy and post-treatment evaluation of previously treated cases. May not be held with PDSD 4060.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 4060

PDSD 4412  Pediatric Dentistry 3  2 cr  

(Formerly PDSD 4050) This course consists of clinical experience including exposure to common pediatric dentistry problems, caries preventive and control procedures, routine conservative procedures and the dental treatment of children in community-based clinics. May not be held with PDSD 4050.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 4050

PDSD 4422  Community Dentistry Externship  4 cr  

The clinical portion of the program is centered in community outreach clinics in the City of Winnipeg. The students spend time at a pediatric community clinic, a low income community clinic, and at geriatric clinic. The clinics serve the elderly, children, Indigenous, or patients from low income families. The didactic portion of the program focuses mainly on geriatric dentistry. May not be held with the former PDSD 4080. Course evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Mutually Exclusive: PDSD 4080