Academic Calendar

Restorative Dentistry (RSTD)

RSTD 1500  Dental Materials 1  2 cr  

This course introduces the materials commonly used in dental practice. Composition, chemistry, properties, manipulation and manipulative variables are covered by lecture, laboratory exercises and demonstrations. May not be held with RSTD 1070.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 1070

RSTD 1512  Operative Dentistry 1  6 cr  

A lecture and laboratory course introducing the fundamentals of operative dentistry. Lectures and laboratory exercises in the principles of cavity preparation, utilization of rotary and hand instruments and manipulation, placement and finishing of restorative materials are presented. May not be held with RSTD 1100.

Equiv To: RSTD 1100

RSTD 1520  Dental Anatomy  3 cr  

A lecture and laboratory/seminar course introducing dental terminology, tooth identification, dental morphology and concepts of dental anatomy as it relates to the intraoral functional relationship. May not be held with RSTD 1110.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 1110

RSTD 1530  Occlusion  2 cr  

A lecture and laboratory course designed to introduce the student to the concepts of dental occlusion and the relationship between the anatomy of the teeth and the TMJ. May not be held with RSTD 1110.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 1110

RSTD 1550  Introduction to Dentistry  2 cr  

A series of lectures and seminars which introduce the student to the profession, its structure and governance. Professionalism, dental ethics and communication skills are also introduced. May not be held with RSTD 1120 or RSTD 1540. Course evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Equiv To: RSTD 1120

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 1120, RSTD 1540

RSTD 2502  Dental Materials-2  2 cr  

This course develops a scientific basis for the selection, application, manipulation and clinical performance of dental materials. The relationship between the properties of a material and its manipulation, application and clinical behaviour is developed. May not be held with RSTD 2020.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 2020

RSTD 2510  Operative Dentistry-2  3 cr  

A lecture and laboratory course presenting modern and advanced techniques in tooth restoration. Composite resins, adhesion to tooth structure, esthetic restorations and protection of tooth vitality. Introduction to clinical treatment modalities and treatment priorities. May not be held with RSTD 2050.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 2050

RSTD 2520  Endodontology-1  2 cr  

Introduction to root canal therapy as a clinical practice, pulp and periapical pathology. The majority of the teaching is directed at the understanding and actual performance of practical endodontic techniques, performed in the laboratory setting on mannequins using extracted human teeth. May not be held with RSTD 2060.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 2060

RSTD 2532  Fixed Prosthodontics 1  6 cr  

This course is designed to review the fundamentals of fixed prosthodontic restorative techniques in conjunction with laboratory exercises involving tooth preparation, waxing, and fabrication of metal and ceramic restorations. Both conventional laboratory techniques and contemporary digital technology are introduced to closely reflect contemporary dental practice. May not be held with the former RSTD 2140.

Equiv To: RSTD 2140

RSTD 2540  Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics  3 cr  

The didactic portion of this course presents the principles for the treatment of partially edentulous patients. The procedures and techniques founded on the basic principles make up the laboratory exposure. May not be held with RSTD 2220.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 2220

RSTD 2552  Complete Denture Prosthodontics  4 cr  

The didactic portion of this course presents the principles for the treatment of edentulous patients. Emphasis is placed on techniques of treatment in the laboratory component. May not be held with RSTD 2230.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 2230

RSTD 3512  Operative Dentistry 3  5 cr  

A lecture and clinical course emphasizing diagnosis, treatment planning and the application of fundamental principles of operative and esthetic dentistry. Lectures and clinical treatments dealing with current restorative materials and techniques. May not be held with RSTD 3020.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 3020

RSTD 3522  Endodontology 2  3 cr  

This course emphasizes the rationale and biologic basis for the practical technique previously taught. Techniques are discussed in greater detail and are applied to treatment of patients. The second part of the course deals with pulp biology and periapical pathology to prepare the student for understanding the rationale behind pulpal protection, prevention and treatment of pulpal disease. Laboratory exercises are performed on more complex root canal systems in preparation for General Practice Clinic. May not be held with RSTD 3050.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 3050

RSTD 3532  Fixed Prosthodontics 2  5 cr  

An introduction to the clinical practice of fixed prosthodontic techniques. An emphasis is placed on diagnosis and treatment-planning. Clinical exposure is supplemented by lecture materials. May not be held with RSTD 3040.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 3040

RSTD 3542  Complete and Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics  3 cr  

This course consists of a series of lectures and clinics. Theories of applied prosthodontics are discussed and applications of this knowledge are made concurrently through the clinical treatment of patients. May not be held with RSTD 3090.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 3090