Academic Calendar

Envir. Design Landsc & Urban (EVLU)

EVLU 3000  History of Designed Environments  3 cr  

A critical examination and appraisal of design for dwelling in the context of settlement with emphasis on representation of diverse positions on key issues in design practice. Studies will include consideration of cross cultural precedents and lessons from around the world.

EVLU 3002  Site Planning  3 cr  

An investigation of the relationship between natural and cultural processes in the formation of the built environment, including a review of the methods and strategies employed for site programming, inventory, analysis, and development at different scales of intervention.

EVLU 3004  Ecology and Design 2  3 cr  

This course will focus on an examination of ecological and technological perspectives on the planning, design and making of the physical environment. This will include a meshing of prediction and advocacy concerning new models of sustainable urbanization, focusing on green technology and infrastructure. Key theories and their application to landscapes at varied scales will be considered along with salient literature, current issues, design precedents and potentials for creative expression and interpretation.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EVDS 2200.

EVLU 3006  Studio 3: Dwelling/ Precinct/ Everyday Life  9 cr  

A studio/lecture course that examines the notion of dwelling through spatial design with a concentration at the scale of the precinct in the private to semi-private realm focusing on the needs of the individual, on spatial qualities, materials, and site design detail. Theoretical, analytical, conceptual, design, planning and communication skills in landscape + urbanism will be developed and applied in distinct projects. Emphasis is on habitat by design, issues of contested space, ecological design and sustainability. The course may include a field trip (location and cost to be determined on a yearly basis) and will include an obligatory pre-term drawing workshop.

EVLU 3008  Studio 4: Networks and Infrastructure  9 cr  

A critical exploration of analytical, conceptual, and developmental aspects of design of the public realm in an experimental studio setting. Social, political, economic, communication, and ecological networks will be studied at the scale of neighborhood and community in the urban realm.

EVLU 3010  Landscape and Urbanism Theory  3 cr  

An examination through lectures, readings, seminars and essay assignments, of twentieth and twenty first century philosophical thinking, which has been influential in the theory and practice of landscape architecture, planning and urbanism. Emphasis is on ideas, paradigms, and manifestos. This will include a study of the social, political, religious, cultural, technological, and aesthetic forces behind landscape and urbanism, and the forms that these forces have generated.

EVLU 3012  Site Morphology and Grading  3 cr  

An examination of the means and methods used to create landscapes that are shaped by earthwork grading. This will include the study of the forces, principles, and techniques in the modelling and manipulation of the ground plane and the resolution of cultural, ecological and hydrological design considerations implicit in landform design. The course may include a pre-term drafting workshop.

EVLU 3014  Placemaking Fundamentals  3 cr  

An introduction to placemaking as an integrated community-based application of landscape and urbanism concepts, based on topical themes, such as the Great Neighbourhood or Edens Lost and Found.

EVLU 4000  Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics  3 cr  

An examination of philosophical issues and debates regarding ethics and aesthetics, and their influence and potential upon urban design and urban form in the past and present, and to speculate upon the future.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EVLU 3010.

EVLU 4002  Construction Materials  3 cr  

A comprehensive introduction to construction materials, methods and processes. Examination of regulatory issues of human safety and techniques for communicating construction proposals with application to how this information is incorporated into contracts. Field trips to nurseries, quarries, lumber yards, and urban sites where students can observe materials transformed to comply with the requirements of designers.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EVLU 3012.

EVLU 4004  Inquiry by Environmental Design: Researching Space-Place Transformation  3 cr  

An exploration of the design/research relationship, from a critical and creative thinking perspective will be the core of this course, viewing design and research as linked forms of inquiry into space-place transformation. A focus will be on design/research methods and approaches appropriate to informing and investigating designed environments and community design contexts.

EVLU 4006  Special Topics in Community Design  3 cr  

This course will involve a critical examination of specific topics such as: health and community design; inner city environments; and Canadian community planning and design, and its contexts.

EVLU 4008  Plants, Ecosystems and Design  3 cr  

The examination of cultural and technical aspects of designing with plants will be explored in an urban context through field investigations, lectures, seminars and assignments. Issues of plant identification, planting design types, their application to contemporary landscape architecture, technical requirements, planting details and ecological integration in the urban environment will be included.

EVLU 4010  Community Design Process and Method: Advanced Placemaking  3 cr  

An introduction to the integration of perception, intention and placemaking associated with manifestations of community, especially communities of interest, and systems of 'communities of communities'. A consideration of the relationship of space-place transformation and placemaking, via participatory design processes will be examined as part of a critical design and planning process.

EVLU 4012  Studio 5: Possible Urbanism(s)  9 cr  

A radical exploration of analytical, conceptual, and socio-political aspects of urban public place in an experimental studio setting. An emphasis will be placed on design as mediation between competition demands. The studio incorporates the theory and application of three dimensional simulation technology in design.

EVLU 4014  Studio 6: Emergent Futures  9 cr  

This studio integrates planning and design from the scale of urban infrastructure through to design detail in the context of landscape and urbanism. An emphasis is placed on the challenges of relevant equitable environmental and social design in the post-industrial world. The studio incorporates the theory and application of CAD and GIS technology in design.

EVLU 4016  History of Landscape and Urbanism  3 cr  

An historical survey of human made landscapes and urban settlement form, patterns, and types, including major themes and movements.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EVLU 3000.

EVLU 4018  Principles of Urban Design  3 cr  

This course will examine urban design principles, practices, and applications including political and social systems, and their impacts on the contemporary urban condition.