Academic Calendar

Dentistry (DENT)

DENT 1202  Early Clinical Experience  3 cr  

A series of lectures and clinical participation sessions designed to introduce the student to clinical dentistry and the relevance of basic science courses in the dental curriculum. May not be held with DENT 1010. Course evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Mutually Exclusive: DENT 1010

DENT 1210  Dental Practice Management 1  1 cr  

This course is an introduction to the Dental Practice Management curriculum which is distributed throughout the four year program. It comprises the modules on the Essentials of Effective Leadership and Strategic Leadership; Managing the Workplace and Conflict Resolution; Essentials of Interpersonal Communication Skills; and Team Building.

DENT 2202  Introduction to Comprehensive Care  4 cr  

This course is an introduction to an integrated, patient-centered program with patient needs as the primary focus. The course introduces students to clinical protocol and patient record documentation and communication. Students receive experience in comprehensive treatment planning as well as basic treatments in periodontics, operative dentistry, and pain control. Course evaluated on a pass/fail basis. May not be held with DENT 2430.

Mutually Exclusive: DENT 2430

DENT 3210  Dental Practice Management 3  1 cr  

This course is the third in a series of Dental Practice Management courses distributed throughout the four-year program. It comprises the modules on managerial decision-making and negotiations; operations management; self-assessment in practice; and effective management of patient and employees.

DENT 4202  Interdisciplinary Patient Centred Care Case Studies  2 cr  

(Formerly DENT 4020) Lectures and development of portfolio case designed to enable the student to obtain, organize and critically evaluate information in order to facilitate treatment planning. May not be held with DENT 4020.

Mutually Exclusive: DENT 4020

DENT 4210  Dental Practice Management 4  2 cr  

(Formerly RSTD 4170) The management, evaluation, economics, organization, design, location, selection and marketing of a dental practice are covered by lectures and seminars. In addition, ethical considerations of dental practice, the options available to new dental graduates and the role of professional associations are discussed. May not be held with RSTD 4170.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 4170

DENT 4222  General Practice Dentistry  10 cr  

This course is designed to consolidate the theoretical and clinical building blocks of all previous dental courses into the development of a comprehensive dental care methodology. Clinical instruction and experience will facilitate the senior dental students in developing effective patient management tools and advance their technical skills to the level of a novice general dentist. May not be held with the former DENT 4030.

Mutually Exclusive: DENT 4030

DENT 4232  General Practice Seminars  2 cr  

Topics relating to General Practice Dentistry are reviewed and reinforced in preparation for clinical practice and National Board Examinations. This course supports the General Practice Dentistry (DENT 4222) program with procedure reviews as needed. May not be held with DENT 4030.

Mutually Exclusive: DENT 4030

DENT 4240  Dental Jurisprudence  1 cr  

(Formerly RSTD 4160) This course provides an overview of the Canadian legal system. It defines and discusses legal concepts relevant to dentistry including issues in negligence, contracts, confidentiality, business and human rights. Identifying a dentist's legal responsibilities to patients, peers, employees, profession and society will underlie the entire course. May not be held with RSTD 4160.

Mutually Exclusive: RSTD 4160