Academic Calendar

Fine Art, General Courses (FA)

FA 1020  Mathematics in Art  3 cr  

Specific theory, structuring systems, and mathematical methods and principles used in works of art from various historical periods and contexts will be explored in relation to Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries. Topics include linear perspective; shapes, patterns, balance and symmetry; ratio, proportion, and harmony; and order, dynamics, and chaos. The course will be one half art and one half mathematics, team-taught by faculty from the School of Art and the Department of Mathematics. This course is also given in the Department of Mathematics as MATH 1020. This is a terminal course and may not be used as a prerequisite for other Mathematics courses. This course cannot be used as part of an Honours, Major, General or Minor program in the mathematical sciences. Not available to any student already holding a grade of "C" or better in any Mathematics courses with the exception of MATH 1010, the former MATH 1190, MATH 1191. Not to be taken concurrently with any other Mathematics course with the exception of MATH 1010, the former MATH 1190, or MATH 1191. Not to be held for credit with MATH 1020. No prerequisite.

Equiv To: MATH 1020

Attributes: Mathematics Requirement, Science, Recommended Intro Courses

FA 1990  First Year Field Trip  0 cr  

A field trip conducted by members of faculty. When the field trips are destined for the United States, students requiring a visa should make arrangements to obtain the visa at least 90 days before field trip departure date. A field trip exemption is not grantable except under extreme/extraordinary/visa issues circumstances. The field trip is required for a BFA General Degree and the Diploma program. Students unable to obtain a visa should contact their student advisor.