Academic Calendar

Oral Biology (ORLB)

ORLB 1302  Cell and Tissue Biology  4 cr  

Structure, function and chemical composition of eucaryotic cells and oral bacteria will be studied. Taste signaling, diseases, and molecular interactions within and between cells and the immune system will be described in detail. May not be held with ORLB 1050.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 1050

ORLB 1310  Head, Neck and Nervous System, Part 1  4 cr  

Gross anatomy of the head and neck are described and observed by regional dissection. Overviews of the nervous system and surface anatomy of the mouth are included. May not be held with ORLB 1060.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 1060

ORLB 1320  Head, Neck and Nervous System, Part 2  3 cr  

An introduction to the structure and function of the central and peripheral nervous systems and associated structures, the neurophysiology and the stomatognathic system, pain and analgesics. May not be held with ORLB 1070.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 1070

ORLB 1330  Human Growth and Development  3 cr  

Human development from the origin of the reproductive cells through fertilization, conception, embryonic/fetal development, birth, growth and aging. Particular emphasis is given to development and growth of structures of the head and neck. May not be held with ORLB 1080.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 1080

ORLB 1340  Oral Tissues, Structure and Function  3 cr  

This course is designed to present the normal morphology, developmental biology, biochemical structure, metabolism and functions of the dentition and para oral tissues, cartilage, bone and exocrine glands of the head and neck. Structural functional aspects of oral anatomy, biochemistry/molecular biology and physiology will be included. May not be held with ORLB 1090.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 1090

ORLB 1500  BSC DENT 1  0 cr  
ORLB 2300  Pathology and Microbiology 1  1 cr  

Study of the basic mechanisms of microbial pathogenicity and general pathology as they relate to dentistry and dental treatment. Includes the pathogenesis of bacterial, viral and fungal infections and the aetiology of neoplastic, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. May not be held with ORLB 2100.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 2100

ORLB 2312  Structure and Function of Major Organ Systems  4 cr  

This course emphasizes the basic structure at both organ and cellular levels of a number of organ systems and an understanding of their role in total body function. May not be held with ORLB 2070.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 2070

ORLB 2320  Cariology and Plaque Associated Diseases  3 cr  

A study of the various dietary, host and microbial factors in the etiology of dental caries and periodontal disease, and a discussion of the various methods of plaque control. May not be held with the former ORLB 2090.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 2090

ORLB 2330  Nutrition in Dentistry  2 cr  

An examination of the fundamentals of nutrition and the relationship between nutrition and health within the context of the health professions. The focus is on nutritional strategies used to promote health and in the treatment of common health conditions. The primarily on-line content is followed up with a combination of oral health specific patient/clinical exercises for Dentistry students. May not be held with ORLB 2150, HYGN 2370, HNSC 2170, or PHRM 2420.

Mutually Exclusive: HNSC 2170, HYGN 2370, ORLB 2150, PHRM 2420

ORLB 2500  BSC DENT 2  0 cr  
ORLB 3300  Pathology and Microbiology 2  1 cr  

A study of selected infectious diseases and the application of general diagnostic pathology in dental practice. May not be held with ORLB 3020.

Mutually Exclusive: ORLB 3020