Academic Calendar

Human Anat. and Cell Science (ANAT)

ANAT 1030  Human Anatomy  3 cr  

To present the essentials of the organization and structure of the human body. Surface, functional and applied anatomy will be taken into consideration. For Pharmacy students only.

ANAT 4010  Human Embryology  3 cr  

This course will provide an overview of human embryology and development from gamete production and fertilization to birth. Students will study the prenatal timeline and organ system development which includes the nervous, cardiovascular, alimentary, musculoskeletal, urogenital and special senses systems. Students will also be exposed to congenital anomalies specific to each system as well as multisystem anomalies

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisites: (BIOL 1410 (C+) or BIOL 1411 (C+)), (BIOL 2520(C+) or BIOL 2521 (C+) or BGEN 2000 (C+)), and (CHEM/MBIO 2730 (C+) and CHEM 2740 (C+)) or [(CHEM/MBIO 2700 (C+) or CHEM/MBIO 2701 (C+)) and (CHEM 2720 (C+) or CHEM 2721 (C+))].