Academic Calendar

Music (MUSC)

MUSC 7000  Music History Seminar  3 cr  

The study of the nature of past and current concepts and practices in the discipline of music history

MUSC 7050  Bibliography and Research Methods  3 cr  

The techniques of bibliography and research methods in music are studied through research projects in selected areas relevant to each student's major field of study. Skill is developed in the use of primary and secondary sources, expository writing and documentation

MUSC 7060  Advanced Diction 1  1 cr  

Advanced training in rules of pronunciation, language use and translations skills in Italian and German. Lab Required.

MUSC 7070  Advanced Diction 2  1 cr  

Advanced training in rules of pronunciation, language use and translations skills in French and English. Lab Required.

MUSC 7110  Music Theory Seminar  3 cr  

A comprehensive survey of 20th century analytical methodologies of tonal and post-tonal music.

MUSC 7180  Ensemble  3 cr  

Studio instruction and monitored pre-professional training activities in chamber music leading to the presentation of ensemble performance.

MUSC 7380  Piano Repertoire Seminar  2 cr  

Advanced study of the repertoire for solo piano up to the early 20th century.

MUSC 7390  Piano Chamber Music Literature Seminar  2 cr  

Advanced survey of piano chamber music.

MUSC 7400  Major Practical Study 1  3 cr  

Private studio instruction and monitored pre-professional training activities in one of the following: composition, conducting, or any one of the standard instruments or voice.

MUSC 7410  Major Practical Study 2  3 cr  

A continuation of Major Practical Study 1.

MUSC 7490  Advanced Piano Pedagogy  2 cr  

Consideration of advanced approaches to the teaching of styles and techniques through an examination of piano repertoire.

MUSC 7520  Coaching Skills  2 cr  

Advanced training in philosophies and techniques of vocal coaching including both song and operatic repertoire.

MUSC 7530  Operatic Piano  2 cr  

Development of skills required of an operatic pianist, including standard Arias, operatic scores, working with conductors and developing orchestral sound. May include participation in community opera events (by audition only).

MUSC 7600  Advanced Orchestration  3 cr  

Advanced practical work in orchestration for various-sized large ensembles up to and including full orchestra. Detailed study of selected scores and work on individual orchestration projects.

MUSC 7630  20th to 21st Century Piano Repertoire  2 cr  

Advanced study of piano repertoire since 1900.

MUSC 7810  Electroacoustic Music  3 cr  

A study of the techniques of electroacoustic music.

MUSC 7860  Topics in Music  3 cr  

Course orientation will vary according to the needs and interests of students. A specific topic will be chosen for each offering of the course.