Academic Calendar

Interior Design (IDES)

IDES 7000  Graduate Seminar in Interior Design  3 cr  

A seminar course for students registered in thesis or practicum designed to assist in the determination of a relevant topic; formulation of a hypothesis, academic writing sources of information and the appropriate form and content of the thesis practicum.

IDES 7060  Special Studies  3 cr  
IDES 7170  Design Research Methods  3 cr  

Building on EVIE 3640 Design Inquiry, this course addresses the role of quantitative and qualitative research methods in interior design. The subject will address the principles of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies; focusing on the relationship between research and interior design. Specifically identifying gaps in existing research; critical analysis and interpretation of existing research; representation of research intentions, methodologies, and results.

IDES 7180  Theory Seminar 1 - Contemporary Issues in Design  3 cr  

A theoretical exploration of contemporary design issues as they apply to Interior Design, supporting the work of design studio. Historical precedent in relation to human activity, sensory stimulus, technological and social change, ecological awareness, and aesthetic judgment forms the context for discussion and debate.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EVIE 3002 and EVIE 4000 or equivalent.

IDES 7190  Theory Seminar 2 - Critical Perspectives  3 cr  

An examination of theoretical and philosophical approaches to design. Examines the practice of interior design through a variety of critical and historical perspectives. Different modes of thought and manners of questioning will be used to debate issues.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EDES 7180.

IDES 7200  Masters Studio 1 - Strategic Issues  6 cr  

Master Studio 1 focuses on developing strategic approaches to design, which address complex contextual issues and adaptive reuse of large-scale public space. Studio explorations responding to a range of complex contextual design issues. The studio focuses on methods of strategic analysis such as mapping and scenario planning to inform the configuration and resolution of new interior spatial forms. Large scale public space and the changing nature of contemporary culture will form the basis for the design projects.

IDES 7210  Masters Studio 2 - Events and Making  6 cr  

Master Studio 2 is focused on the Event: exploring the nature of temporary inhabitation through the creation of a unique place/installation as the site for cultural/community celebration. Design/build studio explorations focused upon issues of temporality, technology, and design intention. Small-scale public places and cultural context will form the basis for design studio projects.

IDES 7220  Masters Studio 3  6 cr  

Focuses on the creation of specialized interior environments informed by traditional and emerging forms of research. Research into Practice: a research-focused, problem based, studio bridging Studio 3 will examine specialized interior professional design issues and diverse research sources. Master projects in areas such as: work environments, healthcare, education or hospitality, through precedent and research. The studio may be run as a collaborative program and may be delivered as an International studio experience.

IDES 7230  Sensory Technology 4  3 cr  

Examination of the influences and effects of emerging communication systems and building technologies; building and furniture systems; in the context of human well- being and environmental concerns. The study of the design consequences and environmental impact of interior services and systems; communication technologies; building regulations, codes and infrastructure; detailing and specification of projects drawn from design studio.

IDES 7240  Sensory Technology 5  3 cr  

A self-directed exploration of new and/or divergent technologies, with significance to the design of interior environments. Students will propose a self-directed design or research project, nominating a full time staff advisor; for the subject instructors' approval. The proposal will clearly establish learning objectives and outcomes, and assessment criteria.

IDES 7250  Professional Practice  3 cr  

Introduction to the profession and practice of Interior Design, including but not limited to types of practice, regulating bodies, education, career development, ethics, professional and social responsibilities, and examination and critique of practice, projects, and current design issues.

IDES 7270  Travelling Concepts in Photography  3 cr  

This course is a graduate level photography elective that combines the practice, theory and history of photography. The outcome is to stimulate the use of photography as a visionary and hands-on tool. The final outcome with be an exhibition of student work.

IDES 7280  Advanced Topics in Contemporary Interior Design Seminar  3 cr  

This seminar is a forum for discovering the character of current international design practices. It emphasizes the development of writing skills by exploring models for formulating criticism and applying them through a sequence of written exercises. Discussions focused on the criticism of actual spaces and published architectural environments occur.

IDES 7290  Work Experience Program  0 cr  

The Work Experience provides 175 hours of practical experience over five weeks in the interior design profession. Knowledge and skills in job search techniques are applied, while experience in the workplace informs expectations of practice and contributes to successful work transition upon graduation. Students should take this course after completing the First Professional MID Year One. Exceptions are possible with approval by the instructor or department head. Course graded pass/fail.