Academic Calendar

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics (ABIZ)

ABIZ 7110  Attributes of Market Organization  3 cr  

Analysis of agricultural market structure, conduct and performance of processing industries.

ABIZ 7140  Resource Efficiency and Allocation in Agriculture  3 cr  

Seminar on research issues in production economics related to technological change, risk and uncertainty, management and firm growth.

ABIZ 7230  Agricultural Market Regulation  3 cr  

A review of economic theories of regulation and their application in agricultural marketing. Analysis of specific regulation in agricultural markets.

ABIZ 7240  Research in Agricultural Marketing  3 cr  

Advanced economic theory and quantitative techniques relevant to agricultural marketing. Topics include model building, market demand and supply, market regulation, and review of literature on marketing research.

ABIZ 7260  Econometrics with Applications in Food, Agribusiness and Resources  3 cr  

Econometrics as applied to food, agriculture, agribusiness, resources and related areas. Econometric applications in these areas may cover generalized least squares, instrumental variables, nonstationarity and other topics. Econometric software and data will be used Students will conduct a related applied econometric study.

ABIZ 7270  Research Methodology  3 cr  

Critical discussion of scientific methodology and the scientific status of agricultural economics. Discussion of methodological issues as they relate to the research process in agricultural economics.

ABIZ 7300  Topics in Agricultural Economics  3 cr  

Application of economic analysis to contemporary problems in agriculture.

ABIZ 7310  Agricultural Economic Development  3 cr  

Theory and policy of agricultural development in underdeveloped countries: problems of stimulating growth in agriculture and evaluation of alternative approaches to economic development of agriculture.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

ABIZ 7330  Transportation Economics and Research  3 cr  

Rate determination and cost analysis for different modes of transportation; transportation issues in Canadian agriculture; and research techniques in transportation problems. Prerequisite is consent of instructor.

ABIZ 7350  Regional Development  3 cr  

Review policy, goals, theories, methods and applications relevant to analyzing Canadian and developing country rural development, regional economic growth and project evaluation.

ABIZ 7360  Current Issues in Policies Relating to Agriculture  3 cr  

Seminar dealing with current issues in policies relating to agriculture.

ABIZ 7380  Agricultural Policy  3 cr  

Bearing of economic theory on agricultural policy: relevance of allocative efficiency, distributive equity and other criteria, and economic evaluation of alternative policies.

ABIZ 7400  Forecasting and Simulation Models  3 cr  

Application of simulation modelling to characterizing and predicting the behaviour of complex systems (ecological, engineering and economic). Foundations of simulation and statistical approaches to analysis are emphasized.

ABIZ 7410  Agricultural Finance  3 cr  

Analysis of financial structure and goal criteria of agricultural firms, analysis of financial markets and institutions, evaluation and application of techniques in risk analysis, investment analysis, financial analysis, and growth and evaluation models.

ABIZ 7430  Advanced Theory of Resource Economics  3 cr  

Economic theory of the development and management of natural resources. Application of capital theory, investment theory, the theory of externalities and decision-making theories to resource utilization and management. A strong background in microeconomics is required. Also offered as ECON 7430 by the Department of Economics.

Equiv To: ECON 7430

ABIZ 7460  Research Management  3 cr  

Application of research management concepts in agriculture and the resource sectors. Research definitions and methodology; the macro environment in relation to research (social and grantor priorities, economic and institutional constraints, institution and project (micro) level (priorities, objectives, budgeting, time and personnel management, performance assessment): proposal and report writing; project evaluation.

ABIZ 7630  Theory of International Trade  3 cr  

Theories of trade flow; trade and income distribution; economic growth and changes in trade flows; instruments of trade intervention; international labour and capital movements; and economic integration. Also offered as ECON 7630 by the Department of Economics.

Equiv To: ECON 7630

ABIZ 7940  Production Economics  3 cr  

Development of static microeconomic theories of the firm, functional forms, aggregation issues, productivity analysis, risk and uncertainty, and an introduction to dynamics. The following are emphasized; a rigorous treatment of the models using duality; a critical understanding of the limitations and possibilities for generalizing the models; and relevance of the models for empirical research, especially in agriculture. Also offered as ECON 7940 by the Department of Economics.

Equiv To: ECON 7940

ABIZ 7950  Advanced Agricultural Demand Analysis  3 cr  

Critical evaluation of economic theory as applied to agricultural demand. Topics include demand systems; equilibrium; product transformation over time, place and form; and price analysis. Also offered as ECON 7950 by the Department of Economics. Not to be held with ECON 7950 or the former ABIZ 7100 or the former ECON 7900.

Equiv To: ABIZ 7100, ECON 7900, ECON 7950