Academic Calendar

International Business (INTB)

INTB 7030  Comparative Management  3 cr  

Comparative study and evaluation of management philosophy and practices in cross-cultural setting; the cultural, economic, and political environment which influence management decision-making. Not taught every year.

INTB 7032  Comparative Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management  3 cr  

Equiv To: INTB 7150

INTB 7040  International Organizational Behaviour  3 cr  

The examination of dilemmas and opportunities that managers face when they work in a cross-cultural setting. The purpose of this course is to develop the necessary understandings and skills to effectively manage problems arising from the interaction of people from different cultures in work settings. Not to be held with INTB 7030.

Equiv To: INTB 7030

INTB 7730  International Business  1.5 cr  

Develop an appreciation of business decision-making in an international/global context. Learning activities are focused towards developing intellectual and interpersonal skills in order for managers to function more effectively in international markets.