Academic Calendar

Surgery (SURG)

SURG 7012  Surgery- Major Course in Surgical Problems (Part A & Part B)  3 cr  

A series of short-course modules offered by surgeon-researchers covering the diverse aspects of knowledge translation in surgical research and practice. A compulsory course for MSc students in the Department of Surgery.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: Students outside of Surgery require Graduate Chair permission.

SURG 7022  Surgery- Specialty Rounds in Surgical Problems (Part A & Part B)  3 cr  

Under the mentorship of the student's advisor, independent study on the practice, theory and critical reflection methods of surgical research through the attendance to relevant specialty rounds and journal clubs; directed reading and reflective writings. Permission from Graduate Chair.

SURG 7030  Advanced Surgery  3 cr  

Designed to expose students to specific surgery issues that are relevant to their thesis research at Department of Surgery Subspecialty Rounds; demonstrating an understanding of knowledge development and exchange, critical appraisal, practice-based evidence and their connections to translational activities. Permission from Graduate Chair.

SURG 7040  Surgical Epidemiology and Biostatistics  3 cr  

Prepare students to design studies suitable for a wide variety of research questions including diagnostic, etiologic and prognostic, and treatment outcomes, with focus on surgical issues. It should also provide the students with the essential biostatistical and epidemiologic tools to critique medical literature. The evaluation will be based on submission of a complete proposal to answer a research question of each student's choice.