Academic Calendar

Landscape Architecture (LARC)

LARC 6150  Landscape Architecture Communication  3 cr  

The objectives of this course are to promote an awareness of the diversity of graphic expression and to encourage experimentation. Students are given the opportunity to practice drawing and graphic communication skills and techniques through studio exercises.

LARC 7002  Land Construction and Professional Practice  3 cr  

Introduction, investigation and fundamental exercises in landscape design and construction documentation, and construction administration for landscape construction projects.

LARC 7020  Field Studies  3 cr  

A one- or two-week field study block course at the start of winter term or during mid-term break, co-requisite with winter term studios.

LARC 7040  Design Research  3 cr  

The focus is on critical review of the literature, the formulation of research methods appropriate to securing, analyzing, and interpreting of research in Landscape Architecture, and the examination of approaches to design as a mode of enquiry and research.

LARC 7110  Landscape Architecture Studio 1  9 cr  

An introductory study of structure and order within nature and the built environment. Instruction in the principles of design, the basic elements of graphic and spatial composition, and the vocabulary and methods of approach to landscape architectural design within a variety of contexts. The course may include an obligatory pre-term drawing workshop and a field studies trip; location and cost to be determined on a yearly basis.

LARC 7120  Special Topics in Landscape Architecture  3 cr  

An assignment and conference course. A detailed study of some special topics in landscape architecture, including environmental sustainability, urban landscape technology, and housing form.

LARC 7160  Landscape Architectural Field Ecology  3 cr  

Field study of plant taxonomy and ecology. Approximately two weeks duration immediately prior to the beginning of fall term. For Landscape Architecture students or with consent of department head.

LARC 7222  Landscape Architecture Studio 2  9 cr  

An exploration of analytical, conceptual, and developmental aspects of urban public places in an experimental studio setting. An emphasis is placed on design as mediation between competing demands. The studio incorporates the application of three-dimensional simulation technologies in design.

LARC 7250  Landscape Architecture Theory  3 cr  

Investigation of the theoretical foundations of landscape architecture in order to understand the complex nature of its practice, to identify its disciplinary boundaries, understand its multidisciplinary nature and to investigate assumptions and myths that permeate its limited discourse.

LARC 7310  Landscape Design Seminar 1  3 cr  

A cross-cultural overview of significant discourses with an emphasis on the influence of critical design inquiry upon specific landscape interventions.

LARC 7320  Landscape Design Seminar 2  3 cr  

An examination of the means by which ideas are expressed in and through design with a focus on modes of communication, representation and engagement.

LARC 7330  Landscape Architecture Studio 3  9 cr  

The study of design application of highly complex problem domains of the urban, suburban, town site, or rural landscape.

LARC 7340  Landscape Architecture Studio 4  9 cr  

Comprehensive design studio involving transition between larger scale planning/design proposals for an urban/regional area and site design; includes principles of spatial modeling.

LARC 7400  Landscape Topics  3 cr  

A critical examination of an individual topical study of relevance to contemporary landscape architecture. Students may take the course more than once for credit if the sub-topic differs. Course graded pass/fail.