Academic Calendar

Medical Rehabilitation (REHB)

REHB 7010  Neurosciences  3 cr  

To provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the neurophysiological basis of motor behaviour including: motor control mechanisms, pathophysiological correlates, and clinical manifestations of central nervous system lesions involving motorcentres.

REHB 7170  Topics in Rehabilitation  3 cr  

A readings, tutorial, and/or practical course designed to provide an in-depth study of one or more rehabilitation topics to extend or acquire specialized knowledge in a particular area of interest. A subtitle will be added to the current title to reflect specialized interests.

REHB 7180  Readings in Rehabilitation  3 cr  

A readings course in theory or research relevant to rehabilitation. A subtitle will be added to the current title to reflect specialized interests.

REHB 7230  Independent Study  6 cr  

Over two university terms, students complete an in-depth study of evidence for practice in an area of interest which will include a review of relevant literature and the development and completion of a small scale project.

REHB 7260  Assistive Technology  3 cr  

A theory and practice course designed to develop an advanced understanding of the application of technology for individuals with disabilities as a means to occupation. Particular emphasis will be on evaluating the impact and understanding the theory guiding the use of assistive technology, and developing an understanding of the contexts in which assistive technologies are used.

REHB 7280  Rehabilitation Theory and Research Design  3 cr  

This is a required course in the MSc Rehabilitation Sciences degree. It focuses on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and research designs used in rehabilitation research. Theories and frameworks central to rehabilitation research are incorporated throughout.