Academic Calendar

City Planning (CITY)

CITY 6020  PL METH TECH 1  3 cr  
CITY 7020  Planning Methods and Techniques II  3 cr  

A survey of quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques used in planning analysis and decision making including sampling survey, case study, contingency and spatial analysis as well as phenomenological and simulation techniques and methodologies.

CITY 7030  Planning Theory 1  3 cr  

The principal ideas and ideals influencing planning thought and practice, ranging from rational comprehensive planning to theories of societal guidance, ethics and the human-environment interface.

CITY 7050  City Planning Capstone  6 cr  

This course prepares students to undertake a self-directed planning research project, under the supervision of a City Planning faculty member and a second reader. Students conduct original research and analysis to address a contemporary issue in planning practice. Limited to students enrolled in the second year of the Master of City Planning (M.C.P.) degree.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisites: CITY 7410, CITY 7030, and CITY 7020.

CITY 7070  Housing and Urban Revitalization  3 cr  

Housing and urban revitalization in the Canadian context. Housing demand and supply, structure of the housing market, Canadian housing policy, affordability and other selected housing issues; processes and strategies related to urban decline and revitalization.

CITY 7160  Land Development  3 cr  

Application of theories and techniques of urban land development, formulation of industrial policies and financial and political implications of land development.

CITY 7200  Urban Analysis  3 cr  

Theoretical framework for the dominant theories of urban structure, property and land-use relevant to city planning.

CITY 7270  Seminar in Regional Planning  3 cr  

An exploration of eco-regional planning drawing on concepts of citi-states (or city-regions) and bioregionalism; including contemporary theme research, and a region-specific analysis to inform an understanding of regional planning's past, present and future.

CITY 7300  Urban Society  3 cr  

An interdisciplinary seminar on social policy and social planning in the contemporary urban setting. National, provincial and local contexts shaping the provision of welfare and well-being. Demonstration of selected social planning techniques. Application to current issues.

CITY 7310  Law and Local Government  3 cr  

Topics of common law, torts, real property, land use planning and control, expropriation, and local government, including some recent cases.

CITY 7340  Urban Development  3 cr  

The mechanics of urban development and its socio-economic implications and underlying political forces. Practical field experience is involved in the form of an internship.

CITY 7350  Thesis/Practicum Preparation  0 cr  

A preparatory course for students registered in thesis or practicum. Methods of constructing problems, formulating hypotheses, methods of investigation, sources of information, and appropriate form and content of thesis and/or practicum. This course is graded pass/fail.

CITY 7360  Development Process for Design Professions  3 cr  

Introduction to the development process and method. Site selection and planning. Feasibility and case studies. The dynamics of development teams, including marketing strategies and management of completed projects. Joint public and private enterprises.

CITY 7370  Urban Design  3 cr  

Theory and concepts of urban design from historical and contemporary perspectives. Urban design seen as (a) a multidisciplinary activity, (b) conscious three-dimensional design, and (c) process and public policy. Implementation and control techniques of urban design. Case studies.

CITY 7410  Planning Design 1  6 cr  

Studio/workshop developing problem solving techniques and design skills in an area subject to environmental, social and economic change. Preparation of a planning report comprising of research and analysis, evaluation of feasible alternative strategies and designs, synthesis and recommendations for implementation. Case studies from planning journals and planning practice in cities and regions.

CITY 7420  Planning Design 2  6 cr  

Studio/workshop building upon CITY 7410 as applied to an area of greater complexity, requiring the evaluation and integration of contributions from several planning-related disciplines. Selected projects emphasize both the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of planning, and in the resolutions of the problems posed. Case studies from planning journals and planning practice in cities and regions.

CITY 7430  Planning Design 3 (Urban Design)  6 cr  

The application of urban design theories and techniques to a large scale urban area of complex land uses and community development issues. The studio is also open to advanced students in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design and develops a broad approach to multi-disciplinary problem solving design solutions.

CITY 7440  Planning Design 4  6 cr  

Advanced planning design studio/workshop, experimental and innovative in approach and content, involving special techniques and skills. Studio may also be off-campus and/or focused on a special topic centred around a distinguished guest expert.

CITY 7450  Concepts in Sustainable Planning and Design  3 cr  

Examination of the concepts and theories involved in the development of sustainability as a force in socio-economic and environmental decision-making. Explores the implications of sustainability for contemporary design and planning thought and practice.

CITY 7460  Urban Ecology and Environmental Management  3 cr  

Theoretical frameworks and theories in urban ecology and environmental management as they apply to municipal institutional frameworks and the role of environmental planning in urban and regional government.

CITY 7470  Professional Planning Practice  3 cr  

An examination of the professional practice and praxis of planning, presented in collaboration with the Manitoba Association of the Canadian Institute of Planners, emphasizing the practice aspects of planning processes, and the political, institutional and legal systems that direct and/or inform planning.