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Education Curric, Tchg, & Lrng (EDUB)

EDUB 7010  Seminar in Art Education 1  3 cr  

An examination of the major historical, philosophical, psychological and socio-cultural foundations of art education. The study of major developments in each of these areas will form a basis for understanding current theory and practice.

EDUB 7020  Seminar in Art Education 2  3 cr  

The study of the methodology, content and problems of art education research, curriculum development and practice. Students will explore research methodology and curriculum design through individualized projects related to classroom practice.

EDUB 7030  The Arts in Education  3 cr  

An examination of the role of the arts in general education. Emphasis will be placed on knowledge of the role of perception, aesthetic valuing and cognition in arts education, and application of this understanding and knowledge to educational practice.

EDUB 7040  Seminar in Educational Drama  3 cr  

A critical examination of the literature and current research in educational drama. Consideration will be given to the philosophy, theory, and practice of drama in the classroom, and the evaluation of programs.

EDUB 7050  Seminar in Educational Theatre  3 cr  

A critical examination of the literature and current research in educational theatre. Consideration will be given to the philosophy, theory, and practice of theatre in the school setting, and to the evaluation of programs.

EDUB 7060  Seminar and Practicum in Clinical Diagnosis and Remediation  6 cr  

A thorough study of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of complex reading disabilities; practical experience under supervision in diagnosing reading problems and in prescribing, treating, interpreting, and reporting findings.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EDUB 5400 (C+).

EDUB 7070  Classical Research in Reading  3 cr  

A critical review, analysis, and synthesis of classical research studies in the psychology, psycholinguistics, sociology, and pedagogy of reading. Students may not hold credit for EDUB 7071.

Equiv To: EDUB 7071

EDUB 7090  Seminar in Reading Processes  3 cr  

A critical examination of theories and models of reading; a thorough study of the reading processes in relation to language, vision, hearing, neurological development, cognition and motivation.

EDUB 7100  Language and Literacy Curriculum Inquiry in the Early Years  3 cr  

A study of language and literacy curriculum in the early years of schooling. Participants will identify and examine issues and problems arising out of theory, research, and curriculum practices in early years classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and pursue a curriculum project in accordance with their professional research interests.

EDUB 7110  Research in Language and Literacy Development  3 cr  

An exploration of language and literacy development issues of professional interest to teachers. Participants will critically analyze language/literacy development theories, published research, and classroom observations. Opportunities will be created for participants to conduct their own language/literacy development inquiry in an educational setting. May not be held with EDUB 7111.

Equiv To: EDUB 7111

EDUB 7120  Curricular Issues in English Language Arts Education  3 cr  

This course will address a number of problematic issues in the development and implementation of school-based instruction in English language arts through critically considering the relationship of current theory, research and pedagogy.

EDUB 7130  Becoming Writers: Power, Place and Pedagogy in Teaching Writing  6 cr  

This course invites participants to engage in becoming stronger writers and more effective teachers, advocates, and researchers of writing. The course is designed with the premise that to become better teachers of writing (at any level), teachers must become writers themselves. This is an intensive and experiential course that affords opportunities to write; participate in writing groups; delve into professional literature in writing craft, research, theory and pedagogy; interact with guest speakers; explore thematic and social justice inquiries in writing, and design and lead a teaching demonstration. The course is open to all, regardless of prior writing experience. May not be held with EDUA 7142 or EDUB 7340 when titled "Writing Workshop: Writing for/as Human Rights" or EDUB 7350 when titled "Curriculum Development: Writing for/as Human Rights".

Mutually Exclusive: EDUB 7340, EDUB 7350

EDUB 7142  Topics in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning  3 cr  

An advanced study of practices, ideas, and theories in curriculum, teaching and/or learning. The specific topics will vary to reflect changing priorities, trends, and interests in the field of curriculum studies. Students can earn multiple credits for this course only when the topic subtitle is different.

EDUB 7150  Seminar in Reading and Response to Literature  3 cr  

This course is designed to familiarize students with the historical and philosophical trends in reading and response to literature; it will survey major developmental reading and literary response trends, examine the epistemological assumptions associated with those developments and explore the developing thought in how students process written texts, in particular, literary tests. The course will also examine curricular implications in reading and literary response.

EDUB 7160  Language Teacher as Researcher  3 cr  

The purpose of this course is to investigate the characteristic parameters of teachers as researchers in the context of their own classroom. Three fundamental principles provide a curricular perspective to guide the participants: voice, conversation, and community. With this perspective, the language teacher engages in classroom inquiry with the goal of understanding language and teaching through the learners as curricular informants. May not be held with EDUB 7161.

Equiv To: EDUB 7161

EDUB 7180  Research in Written Composition  3 cr  

A critical analysis of research and research methods in written composition process and pedagogy. Consideration will be given to classic studies, historical development, current trends and research, and evaluation procedures as they apply to the study and teaching of writing. May not be held with EDUB 7181.

Equiv To: EDUB 7181

EDUB 7190  Research in Language for Learning  3 cr  

A critical study of the research literature in how language can support learning in all areas of schooling. The course will focus on the role of language in supporting learning in all subject areas and will specifically investigate the research about the role of talking, reading, and writing as tools for learning. May not be held with EDUB 7191.

Equiv To: EDUB 7191

EDUB 7210  Seminar in E.S.L. Theory and Practice  3 cr  

Opportunity will be given to examine critically the major theories and methodologies used in E.S.L. instruction and research.

EDUB 7212  Critical Applied Linguistics in a Global Context  3 cr  

We will examine the role of English comparatively and internationally in a variety of educational systems and regimes, relating the micro-relations of applied linguistics to the macro relations of society, exploring the roles of critical theory in language teaching and learning, and developing self-reflexivity as scholars in second language education.

EDUB 7220  Research Issues and Application in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)  3 cr  

This course focuses on a survey of ESL and language development research issues, procedures, and findings. This research review will serve as the basis for students to plan individual research and conduct a pilot study.

EDUB 7250  Theoretical Foundations of the Social Studies  3 cr  

An examination of the development of social studies education, including the theories, research, ideas and ideologies that have and continue to shape social studies curriculum and pedagogy.

EDUB 7260  Seminar in Social Science Education  3 cr  

An examination of current trends and developments in social science education as they affect the school curriculum at all grade levels, K-12. Particular attention will be paid to questions of curriculum contents, teaching strategies and student evaluation.

EDUB 7270  Culture, Citizenship and Curriculum  3 cr  

An examination of the role of school curricula in preserving, transmitting and transforming conceptions and practices of culture and citizenship, with particular reference to social and political education in schools.

EDUB 7280  Early Years Curriculum: Philosophical Traditions and Future Directions  3 cr  

An exploration and evaluation of models, issues, and priorities in Early Years curriculum (K-4). Participants will design curriculum which realizes and particularizes the theories, models, concepts and engagements being examined in the course. May not be held with EDUB 7281.

Equiv To: EDUB 7281

EDUB 7290  Curriculum Research in Early Years: Young Children and Social Semiotics  3 cr  

An investigation of the social nature of learning and children's use of semiotic systems (language, art, music, dance, drama, and mathematics) as ways of knowing in the Early Years (K-4) classroom. Participants will conceive, organize, and conduct a research project that allows them to develop an understanding of children's use of one or more semiotic systems within a curriculum context.

EDUB 7330  Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction  3 cr  

An examination of the issues involved in critiquing and synthesizing inquiry in curriculum and instruction studies in the humanities and social sciences. The course will also introduce students to the variety of ways in which inquiry may be conducted in instructional settings and will focus on how the research on curriculum and instruction can be validly synthesized across studies.

EDUB 7350  Independent Studies in Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences  3 cr  

Independent study of selected issues related to curriculum and instruction in the humanities and social sciences. This course may be used for field studies.

Mutually Exclusive: EDUB 7130

EDUB 7390  Curriculum in Vocational Education  3 cr  

A review of the major curriculum changes in vocational education with reference to the public school, the community college and post-compulsory institutions. Emphasis will be on models, supportive research and curricular design strategies.

EDUB 7416  Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education  3 cr  

An in-depth study of teaching and learning in post-secondary education contexts grounded in current theoretical, research and pedagogical literatures.

EDUB 7420  Study of Teaching  3 cr  

Views of teaching, paradigms, and methodologies for studying teaching and carrying out inquiries into teaching. May not be held with EDUB 7421.

Equiv To: EDUB 7421

EDUB 7430  Trends in Vocational Education  3 cr  

An examination of the historical trends in vocational education as influenced by a changing society. Special emphasis will be placed on the contributions of individuals on the impact of federal and provincial legislation as it affects vocational education.

EDUB 7440  Seminar in Home Economics Education  3 cr  

An application of current research to the design, implementation and evaluation of programs in home economics education.

EDUB 7450  Seminar in Educational Technology  3 cr  

A review of current research in educational technology and a critical appraisal of recent technology in instructional development.

EDUB 7460  Information Technology and Education  3 cr  

A theoretic study of information media and environments, their educational and societal impact, and their educational application.

EDUB 7470  Seminar in Mathematics Education  3 cr  

An analysis of methods and materials in mathematics education, a review of research, and a critical appraisal of current curriculum development.

EDUB 7480  Advanced Seminar in Mathematical Diagnosis and Remedy  3 cr  

A close examination of the theory and practice of mathematical diagnosis and remedy across the school curriculum.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

EDUB 7490  Theories of Teaching Mathematics (Secondary)  3 cr  

An examination of the objectives of secondary school mathematics, mathematics curriculum organization and development, theories of learning and teaching secondary school mathematics, and mathematics assessment programs.

EDUB 7500  Seminar in Science Education  3 cr  

A review of current research in science education, and a critical appraisal of current curriculum, pedagogy, and learning developments in science education.

EDUB 7510  Educational Problems and Advanced Methods in Health and/or Physical Education  3 cr  

An examination of the relationship of research to educational practice in the teaching of health and/or physical education.

EDUB 7520  Contemporary Curricula in Health and/or Physical Education  3 cr  

An examination of principles and content of health and/or physical education curricula and programs. Logistical and social-political factors associated with implementation will be examined.

EDUB 7530  Curriculum Development and Implementation in Language and Literacy  3 cr  

A study of historical antecedents - issues, theory and research - in relation to both the reading and writing curriculum contrasted with current structuralist, poststructuralist and deconstructivist views of knowledge construction with emphasis on discourse synthesis, individual cognitive processes and social influences on literacy learning. Not to be held with EDUB 7531.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: A minimum of 3 credit hours of reading courses (C+).

Equiv To: EDUB 7531

EDUB 7540  Final Seminar in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning  3 cr  

Seminar and workshop on processes and products in writing and defending an M.Ed. final inquiry paper. Both qualitative and quantitative research models will be acknowledged. Not to be held with EDUB 7541.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: Minimum 24 credit hours completed in a comprehensive M.Ed. Program (C+).

Equiv To: EDUB 7541

EDUB 7550  Historical and Contemporary Approaches to Curriculum  3 cr  

Historical Developments of curriculum as a field of study and inquiry, including the philosophical, social, political, and cultural contexts of curriculum.

EDUB 7560  Theory and Practice of Curriculum Design and Development  3 cr  

An examination of the theory and practice of the design, development, implementation and evaluation of curricula for K-12 and adult/post-secondary levels.

EDUB 7570  Contemporary Perspectives and Practices in Music Education  3 cr  

A study of current and emerging perspectives and practices in music education with emphasis on recent theory and research as it relates to music teaching and learning at all levels.

EDUB 7580  Theory and Research in a Second Language Acquisition  3 cr  

Examination of the development of the field of second language acquisition study, including historical views, issues, theories and models in relation to language universals, cognitive development, language mastery, and second language acquisition and learning.

EDUB 7590  Internationalization of Technical and Vocational Education and Training  3 cr  

An exploration and critical evaluation of basic assumptions underlying the theories and values of globalization and the internationalization of technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Emphasis will be placed on the examination of how these theories and values influence institutions, programs, policies and practices in TVET.

EDUB 7600  Action Research in Education  3 cr  

The study of the theory and practice of action and participatory action research in education including models, principles and practices, criteria for assessing quality, ethics, and modes of representation.

PR/CR: A minimum grade of C is required unless otherwise indicated.
Prerequisite: EDUA 5800 or EDUA 5801 (C+).

EDUB 7990  Seminar in Environmental Education  3 cr  

Designed for students wishing to concentrate on science teaching and learning within the context of environmental education. Existing and projected programs and approaches to environmental education will be subjected to critical analysis.