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Electronic Communication with Students

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Part I: Reason for Policy

1.1 The University of Manitoba (the ”University”) is committed to using available technology to communicate among members of the University community. It recognizes an expanding reliance on electronic communication by academic and administrative staff of the University with students due to the convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages it provides. This policy will define the proper use of electronic communications between University academic or administrative staff and students. Electronic communications may include, but are not limited to, electronic mail, electronic bulletin boards, and web sites.

1.2 When communicating by email it is important to ensure that the email is being directed to the intended individual. In an effort to protect confidentiality and privacy in electronic communications and ensure compliance with applicable legislation and policies including The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), The Personal Health Information Act (“PHIA”) and the University’s Computer Usage Policy, all official electronic communications must be directed to University of Manitoba email accounts (see section 2.4).

Part II: Policy Content

2.1 The University requires all students to activate an official University email account.

2.2 The University authorizes the use of electronic communication for official communication between university staff and students, subject only to the confidentiality and privacy provisions outlined below.

2.3 All students are expected to comply with established guidelines and procedures that define the proper use of electronic communications as outlined in this policy and in the University’s Use of Computer Facilities Policy.

Provision of University of Manitoba Email Accounts

2.4 The University will provide all students with an official University email address.  University email accounts must be obtained by students through the Claim ID process at: The University email account claimed will be the address listed in University directories and contact information available to staff and faculty. The University will direct all official email communications to the official University email account.

Appropriate Use of University Email

2.5 Certain University electronic communications may be time-critical. Students are responsible for checking their University email account on a regular basis in order to stay current with University communications.

2.6 In general, electronic communications, including email, are not appropriate for transmitting sensitive or confidential information, including personal information, unless an appropriate level of security matches its use for such purposes:

(a) Confidentiality regarding student records is protected under FIPPA. All use of electronic communication, including use for sensitive or confidential information, must be consistent with the University FIPPA and PHIA Policy;

(b) Personal Health Information should not be transmitted via electronic communication at any time;

(c) Email shall not be the sole method for notification of any legal action.

Access to University Email

2.7 Students who are not in possession of a home computer or laptop, or do not have access to a computer at work, can use computers available in campus labs or in their local library.

Use of University Email for Instructional Purposes

2.8 Academic staff may determine the extent to which electronic communication will be used in their classes. It is highly recommended that if academic staff have electronic communication requirements and expectations, these are specified in course syllabi, and that all assignments sent electronically (including by email) be accepted only when sent from a University email account. Academic staff may reasonably expect that students are accessing their University email account, and may use electronic communication for their courses accordingly.