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Extension of Time to Complete Program of Study

The student must complete the "Time Extension Request" form and submit it to their major department/unit for recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the beginning of the student’s last term in program, prior to expiration of the respective maximum time limit. Requests for an extension are reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for extension must be accompanied by a realistic detailed timeline that has been agreed to by the student and advisor/co-advisor and endorsed by the Department/Unit Head. The extension time requested must closely reflect the time required to complete the program.

The usual time granted for extensions is one to two terms on initial request. More than one (1) extension period may be granted, however If progress was not made on the outlined goals, the request must describe the circumstances that prevented the identified goals from being met. Requests for extensions must recognize the respective deadlines for the graduation period.