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Repeated Course Policy

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Limited Access will not affect registration for the current Academic Year, which includes Fall, Winter, and Summer terms. See University Policy and Procedures – Repeat Course Policy – Section 2.5 (a) Limited Access.

Part I: Reason for Policy

1.1 The purpose of this Policy is to:

(a) Articulate, on an institutional level, the rules that are to be applied when a course is repeated or its equivalent taken; and

(b) Identify the implications of repeating courses at the University.

Part II: Policy Content


2.1 The following terms are defined for the purpose of this Policy:

(a) "Calendar" means the University's official academic calendar for the Term and Level in which a course is taught.

(b) "College" means a Professional College as defined under the Definitions of Academic Units Policy.

(c) "Cumulative Grade Point Average" or "CGPA" is the calculated GPA of all courses, institutional and transferred, completed at the same Level.

(d) "Degree Grade Point Average" or "DGPA" refers to the calculated GPA of all courses accepted for credit by the University towards a designated degree.

(e) "Faculty" means a Faculty as defined under the Definitions of Academic Units Policy.

(f) “Grade Point” refers to a numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course.

(g) "Grade Point Average" or "GPA" is the average grade of courses completed at the same Level, which is calculated by dividing the total quality points earned by the number of credit hours attempted.

(h) "Initial Registration Period" refers to the period of assigned registration times within the Calendar for new and returning Students.

(i) "Level" refers to the level of the degree in which the Student is enrolled, such as undergraduate level, graduate level or non-degree level.

(j) "Limited Access" is a registration rule that prevents Students who have previously enrolled in a course, including courses from which they VW, from registering prior to the Limited Access Registration Date.

(k) "Limited Access Registration Date" means the date, following the Initial Registration Period, upon which Students who are subject to Limited Access can register for courses.

(l) "Policy" means this Repeated Course Policy.

(m) "Procedure" or "Procedures" means a procedure approved by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) under section 4.1 of this Policy.

(n) “Quality Points” is the grade point value of the assigned Letter Grade multiplied by the credit hours of the course.

(o) "School" means a "School of the University" or a "School of a Faculty", as those terms are defined under the Definitions of Academic Units Policy.

(p) "Student" refers to any person enrolled at the University.

(q) "Term" is a period of time defined in the Calendar within which a course for credit may be offered, including Fall, Winter and Summer Terms.

(r) "University" means The University of Manitoba.

(s) "Voluntary Withdrawal" or "VW" is a registration option that enables Students to withdraw from a course or courses without academic penalty.

General Policy

2.2 Subject to the regulations of Faculties/Colleges/Schools, a Student may be permitted to repeat a course or its equivalent. This applies to courses that were completed with a satisfactory grade or failing grade and courses from which a Student has received a VW.

2.3 Faculties/Colleges/Schools may determine, through their respective Faculty/College/School Councils, the limits on the number of repeated courses that a Student may incur while working towards completing their degree.

2.4 Faculties/Colleges/Schools may determine, through their respective Faculty/College/School Councils, the limits of repeated courses permitted for each individual course and whether or not Students who have previously achieved satisfactory grades will be permitted to repeat a course or its equivalent.

2.5 When a Student wishes to repeat a course or to register for a course equivalent to that for which the Student has received a VW, the following rules apply:

(a) Students will be subject to Limited Access for a period of three consecutive Terms following the Term in which the course was initially completed or in which the student elected to VW;

(b) Only the attempt in which the highest grade was achieved shall be counted towards a Student’s degree or diploma. Inclusion of repeated course grades in the DGPA is subject to faculty/college/school regulations; and

(c) Grades from all course completions will be used in the calculation of the CGPA, subject to the Grade Point Averages Policy.

Part III: Accountability

3.1 The Office of Legal Counsel is responsible for advising the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) that a formal review of this Policy is required.

3.2 The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or his/her delegate is responsible for the implementation, administration and review of this Policy.

3.3 All Faculty/College/School Councils and Students are responsible for complying with this Policy.

Part IV: Authority to Approve Procedures

4.1 The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) may approve Procedures, if applicable, which are secondary to and comply with this Policy.

Part V: Review

5.1 Governing Document reviews shall be conducted every ten (10) years.  The next scheduled review date for this Policy is September 1, 2026.

5.2 In the interim, this Policy may be revised or repealed if:

(a) the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) or the Approving Body deems it necessary or desirable to do so;

(b) the Policy is no longer legislatively or statutorily compliant; and/or

(c) the Policy is now in conflict with another Governing Document.

5.3 If this Policy is revised or repealed all Secondary Documents, if applicable, shall be reviewed as soon as possible in order that they:

(a) comply with the revised Policy; or

(b) are in turn repealed.

Part VI: Effect on Previous Statements

6.1 This Policy supersedes all of the following:

(a) all previous Board of Governors/Senate Governing Documents on the subject matter contained herein; and

(b) all previous Administration Governing Documents on the subject matter contained herein.

Part VII: Cross References

7.1 This Policy should be cross referenced to the following relevant Governing Documents, legislation and/or forms:

(a) College Council Bylaws

(b) Definitions of Academic Units Policy

(c) Faculty and School Council General Bylaw

(d) Grade Point Averages Policy

(e) Voluntary Withdrawal Policy