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Continuing and Professional Studies and Intensive Programs

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Continuing and Professional Studies

A diverse selection of courses, short-programs, and certificates are offered for professional and personal development, in business, finance and management; process and technology management; public sector and municipal administration; adult education design and instruction; higher education administration; and applied social sciences. Programs can be completed on a part-time basis. Extended Education is continuously adding new courses, programs to our diverse catalogue of offerings, and entering into new educational partnerships with community and industry. For more information call 204-474-8800 or visit


Certificate in Program Development for Adult Learners (PDAL)

This certificate program responds to the expressed needs of business and industry for a program tailored specifically for people who develop and/or deliver teaching and training to adults, are instructional designers, program planners, curriculum developers or evaluators in a variety of work environments. One of its kind in Canada, this innovative program ushers in a new era of professional development for you, your employer, and the people you educate.

Micro-Certificate in Facilitating Older Adult Learning (FOAL)

This program is designed to enhance understanding of how learning can be affected by aging, and how to design and facilitate enriched learning experiences for older adults. It is intended for a wide audience, including support/health care professionals, educators, HR managers, NGOs, and anyone who engages with older adults some or all the time. Upon completion, participants will recognize the range of educational needs of older adults; determine how to evaluate and select appropriate learning technologies for supporting effective older adult learning; and apply the principles of older adult learning to promote personal and professional development in the second half of life and support all those who pursue “second careers".

Letter of Accomplishment in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Teach English to newcomers or teach abroad with confidence and the power of your Teaching English as a Second Language credential behind you. The University of Manitoba’s TESL program is an intensive online training program followed by an in-class practicum. Learn online from wherever you are and put your knowledge into practice at a practicum near you, in a real ESL classroom setting. No new applications for admission into this program will be accepted at this time.

This program is under review.  No new program applications are being accepted at this time.

Letter of Accomplishment in E-Learning (LOA:E)

This two-streamed program, teaching and design, is for both new and more experienced educators and professional trainers who want to gain foundational knowledge and techniques in instructional design, e-learning technologies, teaching in an online environment, and the coordination of e-learning projects.

This program is under review.  No new program applications are being accepted at this time.

Management and Leadership

Certificate in Management and Administration (CIMA)

The Certificate in Management and Administration is designed for supervisors, managers and professionals who are seeking to enhance their management and leadership skills and obtain a University of Manitoba credential along with a professional designation. Offered in proud partnership with the Canadian Institute of Management, the program includes courses in business administration, managerial communication, financial management, and strategic analysis. This program is accredited by the National Centre for Management Accreditation (NCMA), through the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM). This national accreditation puts CIMA graduates on an accelerated track for the CIM designation, which provides access to numerous management networking and professional opportunities. 

Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)

The Human Resource Management Certificate provides students with the leadership, teamwork, communication and strategic planning skills necessary for a successful career in human resources. This comprehensive program covers key topics such as employee relations, human resource legislation, and staff training and development, while also introducing students to the professional competencies required for the CPHR designation. This program is accredited by CPHR and is offered in partnership with CPHR Manitoba, and is ideally suited for professionals looking to start or advance their career in human resources.

Certificate in Business Analysis (BA)

The Certificate in Business Analysis provides students with a high-level, multifaceted introduction to the growing field of business analysis (BA). Participants will learn to identify business needs and facilitate effective solutions using the tools and techniques of business analysis, defined in the latest version of the Guide to the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge® (BABOK Guide® ) as your textbook, and experienced business analysts to guide you. Emerge with valuable technical and soft skills, moving closer to coveted IIBA designation. This program prepares students for BA employment and future certifications from organizations, such as the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) and/or the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Certificate in Quality Management (QM)

The Quality Management Certificate is designed for professionals wishing to implement or manage quality assurance and control programs within their organizations. It provides learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement effective quality assurance principles and plan and manage quality control processes. This program is beneficial for professionals working in a wide range of sectors – government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and the service industry.

Letter of Accomplishment in Introductory Business Accounting (LOA:IBA)

The Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) in The Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) in Introductory Business Accounting is designed for students who are interested in obtaining foundational skills in the areas of finance and accounting. The LOA provides an understanding of basic accounting principles, and the broader field of managerial finance.

Letter of Accomplishment in Change Management (CM)

The Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) in Change Management provides new or emerging change management specialists and other professionals the opportunity to participate in professional development. Learn key foundational change management practices and skills to apply in your profession. Explore how to make change happen effectively in an organization while achieving the desired goal. Develop plans to assess organizational change readiness, apply techniques that support meaningful stakeholder engagement, assess the success of change management programs, and identify current culture and strategies for shifting attitudes, behaviours and organizational norms. Recognized by CPHR, the courses in this program qualify as CPD hours and can be applied to help obtain a CPHR Designation.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Aerospace Program Management (PAPM)

The Post-Baccalaureate in Aerospace Program Management offers the tools and knowledge needed to be a leader in the sophisticated and dynamic aerospace industry. The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate is an advanced credential in aerospace program management designed for current and future project, production, and operational managers, design engineers, and procurement and logistics specialists wishing to enter the field or advance their career in the aerospace industry. Learners will develop an in-depth understanding of the complete life cycle of an aerospace system; from initial identification of system requirements, to the design, manufacturing and marketing of the system, to its ongoing employment and maintenance.

This program is under review.  No new program applications are being accepted at this time.

Partnership Management and Leadership Programs

Certificate Program in Public Sector Management (CPSM)

The Certificate in Public Sector Management (CPSM) is co-sponsored by the Government of Manitoba.  A strong emphasis is placed on integrating the important and current issues affecting all levels of government in Manitoba. The instructors have a wealth of hands-on senior management experience in the public sector. This program is only open to sponsored provincial government employees.

Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration (CMMA)

The Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration provides students with the knowledge and skills required to assume administrative responsibilities within small to mid-sized municipalities. This comprehensive program has been offered in close partnership with Manitoba Municipal Administrators (MMA) helping to meet the professional development needs of Manitoba’s municipal governments for more than fifty years. The program can be completed in as little as one year, covers key topics for current and future municipal administrators, including municipal accounting, municipal law and municipal administration.

United Way of Winnipeg Leadership Development Certificate Program - (UW)

This program is offered in partnership with United Way and provides extensive training to Sponsored Executives. Sponsored Executives are leaders or potential leaders in their workplace who have a commitment to their community and are willing to serve as ambassadors for the United Way of Winnipeg and their organizations.

Certificate in Applied Management (CAM)

The Certificate in Applied Management (CAM) program is designed to combine management studies with applications relevant to specific professional fields. This industry-facing professional development program is offered in partnership with a diverse range of organizations, including Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, Bioscience Association of Manitoba, Manitoba Customer Service Contact Association, QNET Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro.

Higher Education

Certificate in University & College Administration (CUCA)

The program is designed to provide a background to the complex cultures and administrative challenges found in modern universities and colleges, and to help practitioners become integral members of the academic administrative team.

Micro-Certificate in Governance in Canadian Universities

Increase your governance expertise so you are prepared to ensure effective governance in Canadian universities and help to move them forward into the future. Explore Canadian university governance, its foundational principles and relationships, and consider the role of the governance professional. Enhance your knowledge and skills, and gain a university credential with Canada’s first micro-certificate program for higher education professionals working in university governance.

Letter of Accomplishment in Academic Advising (LOA:AA)

The Letter of Accomplishment (LOA) in Academic Advising provides an understanding of the academic advising landscape in Canada. This program aims to enable advisors at all levels to deepen their understanding of the theories and practices associated with academic advising and to provide enhanced service to students and their institutions. The LOA is composed of three core courses and two electives.

Health and Social Services

Certificate in Applied Counselling (ACC)

The Applied Counselling Certificate provides an introduction to the counselling process and helps learners develop effective counselling strategies. It is ideally suited for anyone working in a counselling context through paid or volunteer work. Participants’ varied workplaces include: health care, education, social services, and government.

Through this program, the student can choose a General Stream or Specialization in Addictions Studies. The later combines courses in the ACC program with courses from the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.

Process and Technology Management

Certificate in Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management 

Build on your career in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, or as an Owner or Operator as you gain important knowledge about digital construction and BIM project management processes that are being adopted around the world. Unlike most BIM-focused programs in Canada, this one focuses on the process not the software. It provides you with a comprehensive, higher-level understanding of BIM processes, preparing you to manage projects and work e­ffectively within a cross-functional AECOO team. For professionals and future professionals working in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Management including Owners and Operators (AECOO), understanding Building Information Modeling and its international standards for exchanging project information and managing a project through its entire lifecycle are essential to preparing for the future and opening doors in your career.

Micro-Certificate in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions (AI)

Learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can solve the most important challenges in your business or organization and fuel your career. Explore real-world data and problems in order to gain practical experience. Join the critical discussions surrounding the ethics and privacy implications of AI. This micro-certificate program is designed to empower professionals and compliment the studies of graduate students and the careers of IT professionals alike by providing them with additional practical experience, no coding required.

Understanding the Business Case for Advanced Manufacturing - MGMT 0292

This course will provide participants with the necessary insights and core tools to carry out broad analysis and enterprise-wide planning needed to successfully implement Advanced Manufacturing solutions. Participants will gain the knowledge and perspectives needed to build a compelling and effective business case and strategy to support investment in advanced technology implementation. This course will be useful for current and future industry general managers, operations managers, equipment maintenance managers, finance managers, engineers, and continuous improvement specialists involved in developing, understanding or evaluating the implementation of selected advanced technologies into the workplace, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, machine learning, and enterprise planning systems.

University Skills Courses

Mathematical Skills - MSKL 0100

This course is designed, but not exclusively, for students preparing to enter first-year mathematics courses. Students will learn how to apply mathematical skills consistently and with confidence. The courses include a review of fundamental concepts, demonstrations, problem solving, applications and regular testing. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive a letter grade which will demonstrate preparation for entry into selected University of Manitoba mathematics courses. Register through Extended Education.

12-Month Intensive Program Packages

The structure and components of the Intensive Program Packages include:

  • Certificate and Letter of Accomplishment, completed in the first 10 months of study (over three consecutive academic terms)
  • Industry Experience (includes, Industry Experience course OR Industry Placement), completed in the last two months of study
  • Academic program supports embedded throughout

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