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Program Requirements for Environmental Design, Cooperative Education Integrated Work Program (Co op/I)

Campus Address/General Office: Room 212 J.A. Russell Building
Telephone: 204 474 9432
Fax: 204 474 7532
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Academic Liaison: Dr. Lisa Landrum

Program Description

The Faculty of Architecture offers a Cooperative Education/Integrated Work Program (Co op/I) option designed to complement and enrich our academic programs with work experience. The work term/s provide students with practical experience, assistance in financing their education, and guidance for future career specialization.

A student in good academic standing, currently enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture who will have successfully completed 85 credit hours towards a university degree prior to the start of their work placement, may apply to participate in the Co op/I option. The Co op/I program is open to students registered in the Environmental Design Program and the Environmental Design Program: Architecture Masters Preparation program. Acceptance to the program will be based on a statement of interest, résumé, portfolio and interview with the Coop/I Program Coordinator and Academic Liaison. Acceptance will be confirmed in writing. Progress of all students through Coop/I option is dependent upon the student obtaining a job placement.

Upon securing a placement, Faculty of Architecture students enroll in the course EVDS 3800 (and subsequently, EVDS 3900, EVDS 4800 and EVDS 4900) for the specific work term of employ­ment.

Students participating in the Coop/I option must complete all the degree requirements for their program of study as outlined in the Academic Course Calendar. Depending on the term and length of a Coop/I job placement, timetables may need to be altered to satisfy course/studio prerequisite requirements. This may lengthen the time to program completion. Students should consult with the Coop/I Coordinator, Student Advisor, and Program Head prior to accepting a job placement. The Academic Liaison (ADR) and/or relevant option head will oversee curricular implications.

Students on probation or academic suspension will either be removed from Coop/I option or have their acceptance deferred until they have completed two consecutive terms with an Academic Standing of “Satisfactory”. Students on probation are required to meet with a Student Advisor to discuss their program of studies prior to their next registration and when next assessed, must exceed the minimum TGPA (2.0).

Written reports must be completed at the end of each work term. Each successfully completed work term and its corresponding work term report receives a Pass/Fail grade and is rated at one credit hour. Students who successfully complete at least two work terms and the required work term reports will have the Coop/I Option acknowledged on their graduation parchment.

For more information regarding the Cooperative Education/Integrated Work Program option in the Faculty of Architecture please refer to the website.